Datum Future believes that data can play a crucial role in solving a range of problems for people and society and that the Data Economy needs to be focused first and foremost around the needs of the people upon whose data it relies.

Rooted in consumer research, our inaugural cross-industry Sandbox explored how customer journeys built on responsible data sharing can empower people to better access essential services. Currently, data-driven services tend to be designed for the imagined “average user”, meaning that those with differing lives and needs are often disadvantaged or penalised.

The Sandbox use case aimed to understand how people living in poverty can receive fairer and more equitable access to utilities and telecoms essential services when they feel empowered to share their data in the knowledge that they have control over how it is used and that there is a tangible benefit for them in doing so.

More broadly, the Sandbox explored a new model that starts with understanding what needs must be addressed to help cross-sector companies to innovate best practice customer journeys and new services that drive trust, broader access and value in data sharing.