Is your company committed to creating economic and social value through the use of data?

Are you a global data leader, innovator, governance expert or ethicist looking to collaborate, drive innovation and address existing market gaps?

Join Datum Future today and enjoy the following membership benefits:

Insights and Innovation

  • Access new market concepts and innovations

  • Participate in monthly members only Workshops and Seminars on key areas of interest

  • Engage in Members-only groups to share insights and dialogue

Actionable Research and Industry Initiatives

  • Participate in Datum Future Members only Initiative on Trustworthy Data Usage & Sharing

  • Explore novel data-driven business models & value exchanges via people-centric design and insights

  • Collaborate on best practice and processes setting for Data in the Public Interest and SDGs


  • Drive thought leadership and industry visibility across the ecosystem

  • Shape the evolving data economy by promoting trusted and sustainable business models

Business Development

  • Network with global CDOs/ data leaders, innovators and ethicists across key industry sectors

How to reach us

To find out more, please email us at gro.erutufmutadnull@troppus

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