The challenge

Advances in data-driven technologies offer new ways of doing business and the potential to not only solve problems, but to also create new opportunities.

In a regulatory and societal environment of beleaguered trust, businesses face a common challenge around delivering innovative and sustainable data-driven business models.

The opportunity

Businesses can collaborate across sectors and data leadership roles to co-develop best practices and initiatives that drive trust and create value in data.

Together, we can do more: business leaders can more powerfully engage and explore the new world of data. We can mitigate risks while accelerating trustworthy data-driven innovation. We can demonstrate visionary leadership across data roles by driving deep collaboration that’s fit for twenty-first century business and society.

Mission and vision

Datum Future is a ‘do-tank’ advancing a vibrant, people-centred data economy that drives sustainability and creates value for all.

As a global business forum for cross-industry data leaders, Datum Future supports trustworthy data usage and works with cross-industry leaders committed to creating economic and social value through the use of data.

The data economy will flourish only if it is based on sustainability, value-creation, individual agency and societal benefit. In a world of patchwork regulation, building an ethical, sustainable data environment means that business must demonstrate leadership, engagement and foresight.

Datum Future is dedicated to advancing a future in which people are confident that their data creates value for themselves and society. Underpinned by evidence-based research, innovation and people-centric values, we are leading the 21st century cross-industry vision and voice for data.