Established in 2018, Datum Future is the first global forum for cross-industry data leaders committed to advancing a vibrant people-centered Data Economy.

We convene businesses and data leaders across sectors to co-develop initiatives, best practices and tools that drive trust and create value in data. Our guiding belief is that evidence-based, people-focused solutions are the best way to inform data innovation, policy development and smart regulation. We aim to advance cross-sector projects to address the gaps between policy, regulation, industry and people in order to help businesses deliver sustainable data solutions based on people’s needs.

Working with Members, we have created the ‘Datum Future Horizons Process’ which identifies a number of future-focused “value add” priority areas for our research and Sandbox-style innovation projects.

Datum Future’s early research-based work, in areas such as data portability and data confidence, explored in-depth the issues facing organisations and society in the world of data.