Our research

Datum Future’s foundational report, Opportunities and Challenges: Navigating the new world of data, identified five key areas of opportunity— Brighter Economies, Healthier World, Protected Lives, Powerful Me and Smart Cities—and their associated challenges. We continue to explore issues raised in that foundational research with further reports and a Bright Papers strand that aims to drive and share evolving best practices around the world. Please contact us if you would like to submit use cases or other evidence for the Bright Paper on Data Portability or are interested in organising workshops or roundtables around this topic.

Bright Papers

Data portability:
What is at stake?

The right to Data Portability exists in GDPR and other laws but has yet to be tested or defined. This paper sets out its context, potential and likely impacts and invites further contributions.


Opportunities and challenges:
Navigating a new world of data

A map of the fast-evolving digital terrain and an analysis of five substantial areas of potential and the associated risks, this foundational report also identifies damaging disconnections in the debate.