Established in 2018, Datum Future is the first global forum for cross-industry data leaders committed to advancing a vibrant people-centred data economy.

  • We convene businesses across sectors and data leadership roles to co-develop best practices and initiatives that drive trust and create value in data.

  • Together, we can do more: business leaders can more powerfully engage and explore the new world of data. We can mitigate risks while accelerating trustworthy data-driven innovation. We can demonstrate visionary leadership across data roles by driving deep collaboration that’s fit for twenty-first century business and society.

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Our Focus

Trustworthy data usage & sharing in business and society

  • How can businesses enable safe and secure portability?

  • How can business drive data use in the Public Interest and for the SDGs?

Data literacy and ethics in business

  • How can businesses be more transparent about, and trustworthy with, data? How can tech be responsible and solve for bias and quality?

Personal data and tech

  • How can privacy preserving technology work at scale?

  • How can we accelerate new data-driven business models and value exchanges?

Smart Regulation and Innovation

  • How can innovation in the new usage of data support value creation and smart regulation?